One Food To Increase In Your Diet For Reduced Cravings & Better Metabolic Health

Mar 8, 2022 | Energy, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Weight Management, Wellness

Looking at the research in regards to obsessive thoughts about food and switching off hunger hormones is clear about one thing, starting your day with protein and eating a sufficient amount of protein daily is essential.
If you start your day with a higher carbohydrates breakfast that is lower in protein and good fats then you’re going to spike your blood sugar and crash down later, and get hungrier throughout the day.
If you undereat protein you will crave more, eat more carbs, sugar and more not so nourishing food options.
Do not be scared of protein! It will not make you bulky, the majority of the clients I’ve worked with over the past 7 years do not consume adequate protein. You need to eat enough protein daily to support your muscle mass, your muscle mass helps to increase your metabolic rate. Muscle mass decreases as we age, and age-related muscle loss is common and is a contributing factor to falls, and bone and joint injury. Loss of muscle mass also increases your risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes. 
Increased protein intake allows you to retain more lean muscle mass and lose more fat. Protein requirements also increase during pregnancy and postpartum, so it’s absolutely essential to consume enough during these phases of life. If you’re not getting enough during pregnancy your body can start to break down. 
Therefore, prioritizing protein on your plate is essential with every meal! Especially when it comes to reduced fat loss, reducing risk of metabolic disease, supporting blood sugar, supporting a healthy pregnancy, supporting healthy aging.
You want to aim for around 20-30g of protein per meal, to put this into perspective adding one egg to a salad isn’t enough. Eggs contain around 6g of protein, which is why I always recommend 3 per main meal minimum if you want improved health, or 1-1.5 size and width of your palm for protein or fish. 

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