DIY Relaxing Epsom Salt Scrub

Nov 7, 2018 | Skin Issues, Wellness

Body scrubs can be expensive to buy, so why not make your own? You can whip up this recipe for a couple of dollars, and you’ll know exactly what’s in it: no synthetic fragrances, additives or preservatives here. This recipe is by the lovely Triona from Wendyl’s Green Goddess . Triona make this scrub with epsom salts that she grinds to make a powder – this prevents any rough edges from scratching your skin, and it also helps the salt absorb so you get dual benefits of silky smooth skin and relaxed, less inflamed muscles.

Her favourite way to use this scrub is before she has a bath in the evening, take a generous amount and rub it all over, then hop into a warm bath and wash the scrub off into the water, no need to hop out in a hurry as you’ve now got a bath full of healing magnesium rich water, the oils will stay on your skin when you do decide to get out and the Epsom Salts will have done their job leaving you super relaxed and ready for bed.

Relaxing Epsom Salt Scrub 

Mix together

How To Use It

Scrub on all over (avoiding your face) and massage well over your skin, then hop in a warm bath to wash off, relax there for a while to let the Epsom Salts do their thing. This will settle a bit between uses, so give it a good mix each time. I keep my pot of scrub in the fridge to extend it’s shelf life.

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