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30 Day Smoothie Challenge eBook


This 30-day smoothie challenge is to empower and motivate you to take control of your health just by adding in one tasty smoothie into your diet daily. I believe that anyone who completes this challenge will feel healthier and happier after a month of regular smoothie consumption. All smoothies are balanced with my go-to NBnutrition smoothie formula. This formula will keep you satiated for hours by supporting stable blood sugar level. By enjoying a well-balanced smoothie each morning, you will help to support vibrant natural energy, weight management, glowing skin, and better nutrition.

This eBook includes:

  • 30 easy to follow smoothie recipes
  • All recipes are gluten free, dairy free & sugar free
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Nutritional information about how smoothies can benefit your health
  • My #NBnutrition go-to smoothie formula
  • Information about how to make your smoothies balanced to ensure stable blood sugar levels and to help keep you satisfied for hours
  • Bonus: additional lifestyle tips to follow while following this 30-day smoothie challenge

“I loved this 30-day challenge! It really helped me to focus on boosting my health with a nutrient rich wholefoods breakfast. It also improved my bowel motions, I’m a lot more regular than what I was, I was not expecting that at all, it feels great! My energy levels are also a better and more stable as well. Thanks for putting together such a simple and easy to follow challenge!” – Ellen