Meal Plans

Meal Plan - Auckland Nutritionist Natalie Brady
I am loving my personalized meal plan - it’s so yummy and I feel 100x better already from being on it, even after a couple of weeks!
— Stella

Have you every wondered what a nutritionist would think of your diet? Do you every ask yourself, how can I eat in a way that supports my overall health? How can I eat to get to get more energy? How can I eat to support healthy weight loss? How can I get to stablize my blood my blood sugar levels so I’m not snacking all day long? How can I eat to improve my skin health? How can I eat to reduce digestive problems? How can I make my meals healthier? 

My tailored meal plan package does just that! Whether your goal is weight loss, to have more energy, to improve digestive issues, have clearer skin, reduce sugar cravings, a healthier, balanced nutrient dense diet, this is the solution for you! Some people don't have the budget for a 1-on-1 consultation, some people don't feel comfortable seeing a nutritionist and speaking about their health, some people just want a meal plan to follow without a health assessment. This is why I put together this meal plan option together. This is the next best thing to 1-on-1 nutrition consultations if you don’t feel you have the budget for them or do not want a professional health assessment, because your meal is personalised and unique to you!

Cost: $160

What I require from you:

  • To fill out a 7-day food diary (which I send you) with all the foods you eat and drink
  • To fill out a health form so I know your top health priorities as well as your current and past health history
  • Commitment! To get the most of your personalised meal plan you need to commit to change, and give it your all!

What you’ll receive from me:

  • A personalised 7-day nutritionally balanced meal plan.
    This is meal plan will take into account your top health priorities, and meals which are based around your taste preferences and style of eating as seen in your 7-day food diary.
  • Relevant recipes as links or they will be included into your meal plan document.
  • A brief summary of your personalised plan, so you understand why eating this way best suits you and your health goals.

Turnaround time:

3 business days once I receive your filled in 7-day food diary and health form. All documents will be emailed to you. Payment to be made at point of purchase.

For any questions feel free to contact me.