Epic Healthy Platter

Dec 7, 2018 | Nutrition

The festive season is upon us which means more entertaining. No matter what the event, if it’s yours or a friends, at any social gathering a grazing platter is always welcome! And it doesn’t need to be complicated. You can make an epic healthy platter in no time. Enjoying a healthy platter is also a great way to keep your health in check, let me show you how…

Think colours – crisp veggie sticks, colourful dips, cold-cuts of meat, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, fancy cheese. Have fun with it! This platter I created is one that I often make with lots of fresh ingredients. The best part is that I literally made this in about 15 minutes as you only need to chop up a few ingredients, add some ingredients into small bowls, then throw the rest onto a chopping board. Sometimes I like to get fancy and make my own pesto, hummus and fancy snacks, but during this time of year I prefer to keep it simple and buy the ingredients.



  1. Chop up the veggies anyway you fancy. I like to chop the cucumber and carrots into sticks, slice the tomato into quarters or half moons, and slice the avocado in half and then into thin slices.

  2. Add hummus, olive, pesto, nuts into small bowls.

  3. Roll up the salmon into bit size pieces.

  4. Slice a few slices of the bread into your desired thickness and place bread onto a medium sized chopping board.

  5. Place all ingredients onto a large chopping board in any way you fancy with a couple of cheese knives and teaspoons for the dips.

    ENJOY! xx

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