DIY Lavender Cleaning Paste Recipe

Sep 24, 2019 | Toxic free homemade recipes

I’m very passionate about encouraging people to reduce their toxin exposure. Everyday we’re exposed to toxins, from our food, water and air. Our body therefore, has a built in efficient detoxification system which works 24/7, through our liver, gut, skin, kidneys and lungs.

Our detoxification systems can often get overloaded. Minimizing exposure and clearing the toxins from your body helps to resets your body’s natural balance and allows it to function at its fullest potential, for instance helping to balance hormones reduce disease. For example, synthetic cleaning chemicals produce a byproduct called dioxin, an endocrine disruptor, immune modulator, and carcinogen which induces Cyp1B1, an enzyme of the Phase 1 liver detoxification pathway. This leads to increased production of 4 Hydroxy Estrogen, a “bad” estrogen, associated with breast cancer development.

So, if you haven’t jumped on board with using natural cleaning products yet I highly recommend getting on board. This DIY lavender paste recipe is a great place to start. This recipe is by the lovely Triona from Wendyl’s Green Goddess.

This paste will get marks off walls, baked on food off of saucepans and will clean up your shower, sinks, bath, basins and oven tops beautifully. The DIY recipe also includes their premium baking soda which is a great stain remover that will remove stubborn stains without harsh scratching and damage.

This recipe is enough to last ages. A little goes a long way.

Lavender Cleaning Paste


  1. In a bowl mix together the baking soda and cream of tartar.

  2. In a jug mix the liquid castile soap with the water then slowly pour into the powders and mix with a fork until you have a paste.

  3. Add more water if you need too, you’re wanting a thick paste. Add 1 ml of lavender essential oil and stir to combine. Put into a jar or pottle and leave plenty of room.

  4. Leave overnight with the lid over the top but not screwed down – it will fizz up.  The next day pat the mixture down and put the lid on.

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