About Natalie Brady

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Hi, I'm Nat, a Registered Clinical Nutritionist. I have a Dipolma in Holistic Nutrition from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies and certificate in Qantum Reflex Analysis (Kinesiology). 


NB Nutrition is all about inspiring, educating & motivating you to take care of your health so you can learn how to eat well, keep it simple & feel amazing!

I have a holistic approach to health. I help people create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle one step at a time through simple diet and lifestyle changes. My approach is practical and achievable. It may take longer than other diets and programs out there as making diet and lifestyle changes is not a quick fix. It’s about understanding why you are making changes, learning how to make them, and turning them into lifelong habits. I want to empower you to take your health into your own hands, and give you the tools you need to get there.


I’ve been through my own health challenges and understand how difficult it is to break old habits, resist temptation and make lasting changes. I’ve suffered with asthma, eczema, sugar addiction, IBS, leaky gut, hormonal imbalance (PCO), low immune system, food allergies and intolerances, restrictive diets, fad diets, over-exercising as punishment from binge eating. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like.

This is why I’m doing what I am. It’s the reason why I became a nutritionist, it’s the reason why I started my blog. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with others. I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness but thought of it more as a hobby rather than a career. But, after 15+ years of health struggles I decided enough was enough. I was sick of feeling sick, run down, suffering with digestive issues (bloating, constipation), skin issues, and constantly having low energy relying on sugar to get me through the day. I wanted to heal myself from the inside out, learn how the body worked in order to be symptom free and learn how to used food as fuel and nourishment, and to feel confident and happy in my own skin.

I have a HUGE passion to help empower women to feel happy, confident and live the healthy balanced life you deserve!

How I healed myself

I quit sugar strictly for 6 weeks along with quitting dairy and gluten. I learnt about foods, how a balanced plate should look. I started meditating, I changed my exercise habits. It took time but I got there. I still have hiccups every now and then, I am human (which is what I say to my clients), but being mindful of that and getting straight back on the healthy band wagon the following day is all that matters. It’s a choice. I want to feel good so I choose to eat good and move my body in a way that works for me. I am a HUGE believer in balance, which is what I teach my clients about, life’s to be enjoyed not restricted. 80-90% of my diet is sugar free, dairy free and gluten free and has been for 7+ years. I eat plenty of vegetables, some fruit, good quality protein, healthy fats and whole grain carbohydrates and avoid anything in a packet.

You’re not alone!

I want everyone going through similar challenges to know you are not alone. After working with clients for years and going through my own personal health challenges I know how many people struggle with similar issues. It’s hard to face it alone, we all need support, guidance, education, someone to hold us accountable and someone who is friendly, fun, approachable and non-judgmental. That’s where I come in!

Health is a journey – not a quick fix!

It’s my mission to help you learn that healthy living should be fun, rewarding, enjoyable and NOT boring, difficult or feel like a chore.

We are all unique!

So come with me on this journey in embracing a wholesome, positive, clean and healthy life. I'd love to help you on your health journey, I want you to feel confidant, healthy, and happy with who you are and where you’re going in life. Every person is different, therefore in clinic I treat each person as an individual by looking at your diet and lifestyle habits before customizing a wellness plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. Along with nutritional advice I also often recommend lifestyle recommendations (where needed) to create healthy lifestyle habits so you can achieve your health goals.  

I love connecting with people from all walks of life, so please don't be shy and contact me if you would like some guidance and a consultation, or leave a comment on some of the posts here. I can't wait to hear from you and help inspire you all on your personal journeys! We are all in this together!

♥ Nat xx