3 Ways To Optimize Your Immune System

Jan 31, 2022 | Immune System, Nutrition, Wellness

Feeling like you’ve got a cold, this sniffles, a sore throat or just generally feeling under the weather?

Since I speak to people all the time in clinic about what they can do to stay healthy and support their immune system I thought I’d share with you today three things that you can do to support your health and fight off any illness that comes your way. They are super easy to implement into your lifestyle!
1) Sip on bone broth
Bone broth is a superfood! And for many good reasons. It’s mineral rich, and contains other nutrients like glycine, gelatin and glucosamine which help to heal the gut. Underlying gut conditions can drastically suppress immune function, so supporting gut health is essential if you want to enhance your immune system.
2) Optimize your vitamin D levels
Vitamin D regulates over 2000 genes in our bodies every day. Many immune cells have receptors for vitamin D, once it binds to these receptors it helps certain immune cells transform into specialized cells called macrophages that kill bacteria and viruses. Low levels have been linked to low immune health and autoimmune conditions. Get in the sunshine daily and expose a large area of your body for 15 minutes (without sunscreen) to lift levels in summer. It can be difficult to get enough sun in the cooler months, so supplements can help to correct deficiencies.  
3) Make sure you’re getting enough zinc!
Zinc is well known to play a central role in the immune system, and a zinc deficient person could experience increased susceptibility to a variety of pathogens. They may also find it harder to recover from illness or find themselves getting run down more easily. The richest food sources of zinc are oysters and red meat. It’s a good idea to check zinc levels regularly if following a plant-based only diet. 

Hi I’m Natalie, a Registered Clinical Nutritionist, health influencer, blog writer & recipe creator. My own health complications prompted me to make positive diet & lifestyle changes, revitalize my health leading to a career change from the corporate world to nutritional medicine. I believe in a wholefoods approach to good health, focusing on simple strategies for modern, busy people. 

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