During the past weeks I have been implementing all the tips you gave me.
And I just want to let you know that I got my period back yesterday, after four years not having it at all. Also, I have noticed that my hair is not falling out as much and my nails are better. I want to thank you so much for all your help and support! I am so happy because I never thought that it would happen so soon.
You are such a great person and I am glad that I have met you.
— Mona
Thank you for your dietary analysis and your detailed reply. I’ve been really looking forward to reading your email - I didn’t realise how encouraging it would be to get some real feedback. It’s helped me a lot to know where I need to make adjustments to my diet to improve my overall wellness.
Prior to this I thought it was hard to commit to the never having certain foods again. But as you say if life is about balance then I should achieve good health doing these things most of the time. Look forward to keeping in touch.
— Ayla
In 8 weeks my energy levels have gone from 1/10 to 8/10, I have lost 5 kilos (which I thought would take 6 months not 2), and my chronic pain has gone from 7/10 to 4/10 (still currently working on this) as I have fibromyalgia, ulcerative colitis, osteoarthritis and graves disease. Natalie put me on an anti-inflammatory diet and a couple of supportive supplements, along with my current medication which I was able to decrease while the pain and inflammation went down. Before I saw Natalie I used to have a nap every afternoon, I no longer do this. My digestive system has improved from 1x a day to 2-3x a day, no more bloating or indigestion. I used to get numbness and tingling during the night, this has gone. My fitness and flexibility has gotten way better, I can now walk for 1 hour instead of only 30 minutes. I’m not feeling forgetful anymore, my concentration has improved, I don’t get any more throbbing in my varicose veins at night. Also, my taste buds have changed, I wasn’t expecting this but when I tried something sweet for the first time last week I could only handle one bite! Overall, I’m feeling so much better, and I’m looking forward to maintaining this lifestyle! Thanks Natalie
— Glenda
I had been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010. I had battled many flare ups and felt my life would be this way for ever..
July 2016 was one of my worse flare ups - which drove me to find a solution that “western medicine” could not cure.
I had the pleasure of a one on one consultation with Natalie. She spent a lot of time learning about my stomach problems and we discussed the relation our stomachs have with stress.
Natalie recommended I try eliminate certain food groups and provided me with a food plan and dietary recommendations. She also prescribed some great supplements that helped me gain a healthy gut.
It only took a week till my flare up went back to remission, and almost a year later, I’ve remained to have a healthy gut.
Healthy eating & Healthy living are the key.
— Aditya
My former diet appeared healthy but was actually creating a number of the issues I was experiencing. Nat was able to explain that and I now have things back in my diet I love and feel fantastic.
— Grant
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the restart plan! I loved it and it was so good to have it all laid out and easy to follow. I am a big fan of yours and love your advice and recipes. I have a few more kilos I’d like to lose but your plan has set me up to achieve this and it was great to have it all in black and white!! So thank you!!
— Liko
I’ve been working with Nat for the past five months and she has been absolutely gorgeous. Natalie really understands how the body works and what it needs to achieve different outcomes. Everything that she said would happen, did happen and I’m so pleased I stuck with the changes she recommended. She’s been totally supportive and a great advocate for doing what feels right for me. I’ve gained so much from working with her, my energy has increased, I very rarely have sugar cravings anymore and I’m fueling my body in a way that feels healthy and right for me (while loosing weight). Totally worth the investment! Here’s to life changing habits Thanks Nat xxx
— Lauren
I’ve always enjoyed healthy eating and thought I had a fairly good handle on what I could and couldn’t eat. Whether that be to lean down or bulk up. When I went to Natalie she came up with a meal plan that was fairly similar to what I was eating with some great tweaks and suggestions. These easy changes provided me great overall results. Within about 4 weeks, I had lost that last hard to get fat, I wanted to lose before summer.
— Dave
When I first saw Natalie I was only really thinking about weight loss. It was coming up to summer and I had struggled with it for the last 5 years because of multiple injuries. When she started asking me questions about what I wanted out of my sessions with her I was puzzled. I thought; isn’t it obvious? I want to loose weight. She prompted me with answers, “Would you like your skin to be better?” “Your eczema?” “Bowels?” “How are you sleeping?” etc. I was under the illusion that all these things were medical problems and would be dealt with by medicines and doctors as they have been all my life… and I was wrong.

Natalie helped me get my pre accident-prone life back. Through her expertise in holistic nutrition she’s helped me reduce my stress and anxiety surrounding so many aspect of my life. I now realise the power of food and its positive and negative effects and how it can influence, plainly put, everything. Through her guidance and continued support I have been able to tick off boxes that I didn’t even realise I needed to work on. I now sleep better; I wake up full of energy and ready for the day ahead. My skin is amazing, I’m fuller throughout the day so I don’t snack on bad things (she gives me healthier alternatives if I want to go off the rails for a night though). We figured out the food associated triggers for my eczema and irritable bowel so I no longer itch like crazy or feel like i’m going to keel over in pain with my stomach.

I recommend Natalie with the highest esteem. She’ll make you feel better in so many ways that you didn’t even realise you needed. There are always things we can improve on to live healthier lives and the investment is priceless.
— Nadia
Natalie’s professional experience and education in the field of holistic nutrition in addition to her own personal journey encouraged me to make a much needed change in my lifestyle. When I came to see her I was stuck in a rut with my diet and exercise regime and I felt like I needed to switch things up. Natalie worked with me over three sessions to identify areas that needed changing based on my lifestyle at the time and offered advice on how to reach my health goals. I’m now feeling more energized, positive and on track to continue with the changes I’ve made!
— Brooke, February 2015
Cholesterol Down in 3 months!
I went to Natalie almost one year ago now with high cholesterol. After analysing my current diet and lifestyle she was able to present a multitude of further choices that would help me even further. One of the best things with the changes to my diet that I appreciated the most was how I was able to continue to eat a lot of the foods I like. I only had to change some of the preparation methods and quantity. With the changes we made to my diet as well as exercise, I was able to reduce my cholesterol by over one unit in only 3 months. Natalie is very positive minded, and helps you focus on what needs to be done to achieve your goal. At the same time you feel committed, not pressured, to do what it takes. Thank you very much Natalie.
— Dimche
Several months ago I started my journey into Wellness living. It was during this journey I was introduced to Natalie as a nutritionist consultant. Natalie radiated healthy living and obviously practiced what she preached her manner knowledge and real effort to understand my life style and how that impacted on my health was impressive.
After an in-depth consultation we embarked on a program designed to meet my needs and goals .Natalie followed up regularly with emails and suggestions and we tried a couple of combinations with food options and supplement’s I was immediately impressed as my energy levels ,sleep patterns , and general wellness showed improvements well beyond my expectations .
Several months later I continue to enjoy this new found lifestyle my body shape changed leaner, toned with strength energy and vitality that I had all but given up on achieving. Natalie’s guidance and professional advice were all testament to these results and I could not make a higher recommendation.
— Mike
I came to Natalie after having lived with being lactose intolerant for 4 years and eating healthy food most of the time. But I had a bad habit of binge eating generally once a week which would leave me feeling tired and angry. This then impacted on my daily life as I am an active person. At this point I decided to do something about it and I wanted to learn how to correctly fuel my body and have a better relationship with my food. This is where Natalie was a huge help.
Natalie was very supportive during all my consults and still is now following my appointments. Initially I thought we would be focusing on food, but Natalie looks at how the body works as a whole. She was very thorough in her work and made me feel very comfortable during our appointments which meant I could discuss my problems more easily with her. She always found things that worked best for me and gave me a range of options to choose from.

After following the guidelines from Natalie, my appreciation for food has changed. I now feel energised and more awake from making small changes to my diet. I use to get headaches most afternoons, which I thought was down to tiredness. Now after adjusting a few lifestyle factors I very rarely get these headaches. Now days you see all this healthy, raw eating and it can get quite expensive, but Natalie’s recipes and suggestions are using simple, everyday ingredients that don’t cost a fortune. This suited me as although I enjoy making more difficult recipes, for everyday meals this is what I needed and has resulted in me being able to adapt my lifestyle permanently rather than for the short term.

Natalie was and still is always there if I ever needed a question answered; I felt very comfortable discussing things with her as I could tell she was there to help me make a positive change to my lifestyle. Working with Natalie was not about losing weight fast or changing my habits for the short term – her advice and support has led me to make positive changes to my lifestyle for the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong I still eat food that is classed as ‘bad’ but day by day I am changing my ways and this would not have been possible without the amazing advice and support I have received from her.
— Kayla